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Monday, December 10, 2018

Buhari Spells🔊 out ‘ABC’ of Fighting💸 Corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari has spelt out what he considered the ABC of fighting corruption.

The President also recommended this to young people in Africa to tackle the menace in their countries.

Buhari spoke at the launch of the African Youth Congress Against Corruption (AYCAC 2018) at the conference centre of the presidential villa, Abuja on Sunday.

According to him, “‘A’ stands for Action. Let us all move from talk to action. I urge you to develop tangible projects in your community to instil transparency and accountability of the highest standard.

“I look forward to receiving your Creed of Transparency from this Congress with a view to forwarding the recommendations to the next Summit of the African Union in February next year.

“‘B’ stands for Building Bridges. The youth have a unique opportunity to spearhead the building of inter-generational and cross-sectoral bridges in our various communities.

“Often, fighting corruption requires partnerships with unlikely allies. Be open to exploring constructive partnerships with a wide base of actors. Again, I look forward to all of you joining the Transparency Champions Network that was created following the Regional Youth Consultations.

“‘C’ stands for Culture. So, let us cultivate and equip ourselves with African culture, the right attitude and mindset change that will enable us to stand firmly against corruption. By so doing, accountability and change will begin with you.”


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